why you should focus on email marketing

Why You Should Focus On Email Marketing

If there is just one piece of advice I would give to business owners, it would be:

Concentrate on email marketing.

I would say build a targeted email list and never miss an opportunity to get readers to sign up to that list.

Whenever I come across entrepreneurs who are just starting out, they usually ask questions like:

·        How do I get traffic to my website?

·        How can I make money with my website/blog?

·        How can I increase the number of readers for my blog?


At the end of the day, most website owners and bloggers want more traffic (and many want more revenue). If you think the same way too, you need to understand the power of email marketing.

Having a professional email marketing tool helps in a lot of ways:

·        You can determine when an e-mail newsletter is sent.

·        You can personalize emails with the name of the reader. (Personalization is one of the most powerful aspects of email marketing.)

·        You can schedule follow-up emails and they will be sent to new subscribers automatically.

·        You can export your email list and use it for retargeting on facebook.

Allow me to share some of the benefits of blog email marketing:

Your subscribers belong to you. This means you can contact them at any time (they all check email). You can’t determine who will see your updates on social media. There are times when you will want certain posts to reach everyone, and you can't do that with social media marketing. But you can do that with email marketing.

The traffic you can receive from bulk emails is very high and many people are viewing the posts.

There are unlimited practical implications of email lists, but there is a catch:

Your email newsletter should be engaging and your email list should be targeted.

Email marketing is becoming more and more important as the mobile web continues to grow. Before now, people had to wait to go to their computers to check emails. But nowadays, everyone can access their emails right from the palm of their hand.

Email is the most popular activity on smartphones. 78% of people check email on their mobile phone.

Challenges with using email marketing tools:

One of the biggest problems you are likely to face when starting out with email marketing service is understanding the techniques and tricks associated with email marketing software.

Another major issue is sending captivating emails to your list of subscribers. A lot of marketers will suggest that you consider email marketing as a way to sell things. This is not right at all.

Your list of email subscribers is your blog's greatest asset, and your subscribers are individuals who love to read your blog. They are also advocates for your brand, so your aim should be to give them something extra.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, I would suggest that you not focus on email marketing at all. This is the cheapest way to do it.

However, if you are one of those savvy bloggers or online business owners who know the importance of an email list, you should start by investing in the right tool and techniques.

Here are the best email marketing software out there. Choose the one that best fits your budget:

·        Get Response (Free 30-day trial available)

·        AWeber (Free 30-day trial available).

·        ConvertKit

·        Leadpages (Use it to create high-converting landing pages on your blog). You can get started now for $25 per month.

Even if you are not ready to invest much, I recommend you at least get a free trial of getresponse and follow the guide below to create and grow your first list.

For the next 30 days, send two emails each week and you'll be surprised to see your engagement escalate.