Benefits of Having a Newsletter for Your Website or Blog

Benefits of Having a Newsletter for Your Website or Blog

Most website/blog owners fail because they focus more on generating traffic and ignore converting site visitors into subscribers. They fail to harness the power of email marketing and email marketing tools. Do you do the same too?

Your blog's newsletter

A major differences between a good blog and an intermediate or beginner blog is: a good blog is more reader focused and makes sure that readers are up to date with the latest blog posts.

Your blog email newsletter is one way to make sure that your subscribers are up to date with your latest blog posts. There are several strategies you can use to ensure that all of your readers open your blog's email newsletter, and it depends on a number of factors.

What is an email newsletter?

Your email newsletter is one of the many ways your readers can subscribe to your blog. RSS was the most popular way to subscribe to blog contents in the past, but RSS has lost value in 2020 and the coming years.

Email newsletter is still the most lucrative and most profitable way for bloggers like you and me to allow users to sign up for updates on your blog.

An email newsletter contains links to articles on your blog, and subscribed users receive this emails in their email addresses. This is the simplest example of what a blog newsletter is. Furthermore, it can be categorized into two different sections:

Automated email newsletter:

An automated email newsletter, you do not make any changes and all new blog posts are sent as an email newsletter with the help of email marketing software. In this, we take advantage of the blog's RSS feature and use RSS to send an email newsletter to our subscribed users.

Feedburner is the best as a free option, but as serious website/blog owner like you should consider using getresponse (sign up here for free).

Manual email newsletter:

In this case, you are not using RSS to automatically generate an email newsletter, but you are choosing articles carefully and sending them to your subscribers. This way, you ignore the filler content and your email subscriber will only receive carefully selected high quality content.

This is a strategy that a lot of professional bloggers follow and helps to attain maximum email open rate and increases confidence in your email newsletter.

If you use a service such as Feedburner, you won't be able to send them a manual email newsletter, and you should think about using a professional email marketing tool such as getresponse.

Benefits of having an email newsletter for your blog:

Depending on the frequency of publication and the quality of the articles, you should choose one of the automatic or manual email newsletters. I suggest that you use the manual email newsletter as it works better and may provide other options for users to subscribe to daily updates from your blog.

The following points will compel you to begin a blog email newsletter immediately.

Keep your readers informed:

Even if your readers visit your blog frequently, they are likely to miss some useful content or updates from you. This can include major content from your blog, any important blogging world or industry news, or any giveaway or contest you're running so your newsletter plays a vital role in keeping readers updated on your blog.

Helps to revisit new readers:

If your blogs have first time visitors and they find your content valuable, they can subscribe to the email newsletter of your blog. This will make them come back to visit you again and then they can become regular visitors and they can also become future customers for your services.

Generate Targeted Traffic:

When a reader subscribes to your email newsletter, it implies that they are interested in your blog's niche, so as long as the reader receives your newsletter, they are sure to visit the blog. Having targeted visitors is very important to any blog, and your newsletter is the best way to get them to regularly visit your blog.

Newsletters are not just to promote your blog or to generate traffic. It's also a great way to get feedback from regular visitors. You can send a newsletter to your readers concerning new services, any cool features you offer in your blog, or any milestones you have achieved. This will help you get real feedback from your readers.

Increase your income:

If you have a specific niche blog, you can attract advertisers by showing your blog newsletter subscriber base, thus you will have better chances of earning some revenue from them. Apart from that, you can also promote useful affiliate links with your readers and earn money from affiliate programs.

A newsletter is a good way to create a long-term relationship with your readers. Do you provide newsletters to your readers? If so, please share your comments with us.


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